Heard on the grapevine – publisher seeking submissions

Happened to meet the affable Alison Green, publisher with Sydney-based Pantera Press, the other day.

They are relatively new (only 2 years in operation) however I was surprised when she said that Pantera were actively seeking new writers to publish.

What kind of books are you looking for? ‘Good books’, said Alison.

Specifically, books with bestseller potential. They don’t do anything with illustrations (so no picture books).

They are particularly interested in young adult fiction and have one YA title coming out later this year.

 A small consideration – I didn’t quite grasp their contract arrangements. Alison told me later that they don’t have a ‘normal royalty deal, we offer all of our authors a 50/50 profit share of their book’. 

She was very approachable – and professional – and IMHO would be a great person to work with.

There’s detailed submission information on their website: http://www.panterapress.com


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