So class, what have we learnt? Reflections on getting published

Following on from my two-part interview (see below) with author Marianne Musgrove, I wanted to reflect on some of Marianne’s experiences as a published author.

Marianne is obviously a talented and dedicated writer. And, apart from a few rejections, her path to publication has been a traditional one: two manuscript assessments > agent > signed up with Random House Australia.

I believe that some of Marianne’s success is due to her background as a social worker and interest in ‘issues that affect children’. This has given Marianne a niche in the market.

Marianne’s experiences also made clear the advantages of being signed to a large publishing house with international distribution arrangements. This has enabled Marianne to see her work translated into other languages and distributed overseas.

Marianne’s comments about the value of book launches were also interesting.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on these issues.

And stay tuned for my next interview, with emerging YA sf&f author, m a miller.