At the book launch for Adam Stiles’ The Uniques


Author Adam Stiles and Kate Stiles

Author Adam Stiles and his mother, Kate at the book launch

Back at the beginning of May, I interviewed emerging author Adam Stiles. Last week, Adam launched his new book, The Uniques at St Edmund’s College in Ipswich. Here’s what Adam had to say about the event:

I started off by gathering the crowd around me (it was a very informal setup) and explaining to them how the book came to be, where the ideas came from, what it took to become published. I explained that it is a series, and took them through the basic premise of Act I.

My mate Odin (the first person to read the manuscript) gave a short, impromptu speech, and then I did a full reading of the prologue.

Afterwards, I took a couple of questions and then we had afternoon tea while I went around chatting to the guests, which included the school principal, several teachers, and handful of students who waited around after school, and of course my friends/family.

Eager crowd at the launch of The Uniques

An eager crowd listens to first public reading of The Uniques

I finished by setting up a table to sell and sign copies. Nearly everyone who was there now has one. Overall it was an excellent launch!


Congratulations Adam!

2 thoughts on “At the book launch for Adam Stiles’ The Uniques

  1. Adam’s book The Uniques- Act I Dawn is a terrific book of fantasy adventure and I also congratulate him on the launch.

    The book blurb: Thirteen-year-olds Adrian Fairmont and Alexander Rembrandt succumb to the call of adventure and aspire to become their town of Drihoma’s first State Guardians in twenty-five years.

    But upon departure, their expectations are turned completely upside down. Masked attackers, intimidating trials and strange powers await the boys in the grand city of Centurial, where they become entangled in a case that could very well determine the future of the entire State!

    You can buy The Uniques at or ask your bookstore.

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