Announcing … Fiona Trembath at the Emerging Writers’ Festival


'Crackpot' author Fiona Trembath

'Crackpot' author Fiona Trembath


Fiona Trembath will be appearing at 7pm this evening (Wednesday 26th May) at the Emerging Writers’ Festival for her ’15 Minutes of Fame’. The venue is the Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne.

I asked Fiona what she’s planning to do for her talk.

I’ll probably burst a few bubbles when I talk about the 10 year journey it’s taken for my 22,000 word junior fiction novel to be published… But I also want to talk about the up-side, and the sense of achievement and fulfillment I’ve received at the end – and a lot of the time during – the past ten years. 

A little about Fiona’s book, Crackpot:

All Phoebe wants is a normal family. But with a dad who keeps running away to the circus, an annoying younger brother who thinks he’s a vampire, and a crackpot mum who reckons she’s a comedian, ‘normal’ is a long way off.

Fiona’s book is published by Avant Press. Click here to find out more at Fiona’s website.