A writer’s inspiration

In this guest post, Tasmanian author Heather Kinnane explains what inspires her to write.

A beautiful creek near Heather Kinnane's home in Deloraine in the Meander Valley Tasmania.

One of the beautiful settings near Heather’s home.

The inspiration for my stories comes from all around me. The tagline of my website introduces me as a writer of ‘steamy stories of all genres’, and while this is technically true, fantasy has always been my favourite genre to read and write. Fairies and magic and hidden doorways to other realms – all of these spark my imagination in ways that other settings simply can’t. It’s no surprise really, that my first major publication is a fantasy story involving the Fae!

Where better to find inspiration for such stories, than the surrounds of my home in the Meander Valley, in Tasmania’s north. It’s a centre of creativity here, being the home of Australia’s premier arts and craft event, the Tasmanian Craft Fair. I’m sure the creative energy of the place has helped me with my writing!

The scenery here is breathtaking, and I’m lucky enough to have a pretty amazing view from my home. The Great Western Tiers looms up in the distance, an impressive backdrop to the low hills and paddocks of cows and sheep. This great mountain range is ever-changing with the light and the seasons. As I write this, it’s covered with a generous dumping of snow, and looks absolutely stunning! (Sitting inside by the wood fire means I have the delightful view, without the chill!)

A waterfall near Heather Kinnane's home in Deloraine, Tasmania.

Natural settings inspire Heather to write and keep writing.

The Tasmanian wilderness is a short drive away. Whenever I can, I escape to the bush to recharge my batteries and find some more fodder for my stories. The bright green of the moss covered trees, and the myriad of colours of the lichen and fungi to be found sprouting amongst the fallen leaf-litter and emerging from the decaying plant matter littering the forest floor all add to the experience … along with the mysterious tunnels and entrance-ways caused by fallen trees and rotting branches.

A little closer to home, the Meander River meanders (hehe!) through the township of Deloraine, and when I need my bush ‘fix’ but can’t get there, I take the walking track around the river, sometimes going through the caravan park to explore the Wild Wood reserve beyond.

Fairies and magic and hidden doorways to other realms – all of these spark my imagination in ways other settings simply can’t.

All of the above helps spark my imagination and increases the flow of inspiration. And usually, once I’ve had that initial spark, the rest of the story flows easily; as long I as I write every day, and just keep on writing – even when the story seems to be stuck.

This is the point where I draw on my second source of inspiration – other people’s achievements. They don’t have to be fellow writers either. Any news story of someone who has worked hard and achieved their dream is enough to get me focused. Inspirational and motivational quotes also help get me back into gear. Of course the best motivation of all is that from the other members of my writing group, whose achievements and encouragement are great inspiration to reach the point where I write those two critical words: ‘The End’.

Heather’s debut novel, A Faery Dream, will be published by Steam eReads later this month. You can read more about her on her author page at Steam eReads, or click here to visit her website.

Photos for this article courtesy Heather Kinnane.


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