Day two of my Doctor Who Literary Week – featuring m a miller’s Memories of Doctor Who

It’s day two of my Doctor Who Literary Week and science fiction author m a miller guest blogs with a short story inspired by the Doctor Who series.

If you’re Doctor Who’s companion, your memories may not be all that pleasant …

Memories of Doctor Who

by m a miller

The corridor’s ceiling had evenly spaced light fittings down the middle. Each created a puddle of brightness on the shiny tiled floor, in stark contrast to the shadows looming on the walls behind. As I walked its length, I tried, in vain, to keep my footsteps soft, quiet. But time was running out.  I’d been trapped in the building for what seemed like hours.  I needed to move fast, to get away.

Earlier, I’d found the Tardis quite by accident. Thinking I’d finally found an exit, I rounded a corner, and there it was in all its police box blue glory. There was no sign of life but I banged on the door anyway, hoping the Doctor was in.  Nothing. I knew why he was here – to protect us from Them.  I wondered where he was.

Did he need my help? Should I wait? No, I couldn’t stand still – I’d be a target if They came. So I kept moving.

It was 1982, that much I knew for sure, but which Doctor was with the Tardis?  Had he changed again, regenerated into a person I would not recognise? Would he remember me as I remembered him – a hero who kept saving my world? A hero with a soft spot for the human race?

I moved through room after room, hoping I was headed the right way, wishing for someone to guide me, but They had been before me. Now all the humans I encountered were frozen in time. Some looked shocked, others afraid but all had the same stillness I’d come to expect.

I needed to get out. I wanted to run but every time I panicked I blundered in the wrong direction. Or worse, I found myself back where I’d first encountered Them.  Round and round, it was taking far too long.

Finally I saw it.  A door that would take me out and to freedom. But I was torn, would the Doctor be okay?  Should I stay and help him? Could I help him?

Then I saw them. At first I thought it was just one. Then I realised there were three. Three! I didn’t stand a chance. Three Daleks ready to exterminate and they were between me and the way out.

It took me a moment to realise that they weren’t moving. There was no sign of life. Had they been frozen as well?  I moved forward, carefully, placing each foot down slowly, quietly. Reaching out I touched the metal shell and held my breath as I waited for the dreaded word – exterminate. Nothing. I rapped my knuckles along its side.  No reaction. Then I looked it straight in its eye piece.  It was as frozen as every other living creature around me.

I slipped round it, made sure the other two were just as still and headed for the door.

As I swung it open, what faced me filled me with such horror that I stopped dead in my tracks. For there was Doctor Who. He appeared to have been walking up the stairs but now he stood frozen.  They had got him too!

I stumbled back into the room. The Daleks appeared closer than I remembered. I tried to get past but I was clumsy, I knocked into one and then tripped. As I fell I saw a shadow behind me.  It was too late, They were about to get me…

“Are you right there, miss?”

A hand grabbed my arm and I was hauled upright.

“We’re about to close.” The guard pointed to the large sign across the room. “The exit is this way.”

When I reached the door I turned and looked back. Madame Tussauds’ Doctor Who Exhibition was full of all the scary enemies that I’d come to love and loath. It had been a great day, trapped inside. I smiled as I exited.


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Cover for Mis'ka

Cover for Mis'ka: The rite of ascension

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Whoo Hoo! It’s Doctor Who Literary Week & here’s a guest post from George Ivanoff

This week I’m hosting my very own Doctor Who Literary Week.

I’ve invited several Australian YA authors to contribute guest posts about how the Doctor Who series influenced them as writers. And to kick-off, here’s George Ivanoff writing about …

My little fan-boy moment

I’ve had over 40 books published as well as lots of short stories and articles. My latest novel, Gamers’ Quest, is currently in bookstores. These days, writing is actually my career. 

What publication have I been most excited by? A short story called ‘Machine Time’. It appeared in Short Trips: Defining Patterns, a Doctor Who anthology edited by Ian Farrington and published in 2008. I’ve been a Doctor Who fan for over 30 years, so the publication of this story was a fan-boy’s dream come true. And to top things off, the story got the thumbs up from Doctor Who Magazine:

… a compelling and creepy story of a universe threatened by voracious machines…

 But how did it happen?

Well, opportunity came knocking in the form of a friend of mine who had been writing regularly for the Short Trips anthologies that Big Finish Productions in the UK was licensed to publish. He sent his editor an email recommending me as a writer. I was invited to submit a story proposal for an upcoming anthology. I was so excited, I submitted three proposals … all of which were rejected. Opportunity went flying out the window. End of story …

The cover for Doctor Who: Short Trips

The cover for Doctor Who, Short Trips: Defining Patterns


But I don’t give up that easily. When Big Finish announced a short story competition, the winner to be published in the next anthology, I decided to submit an entry. Then I read the rules … the competition was only open to amateur, unpublished writers. Did I let that stop me? No! I wrote a story anyway, and emailed it off with a cover letter asking them to treat it as an unsolicited professional submission rather than a competition entry.

Success! Editor Ian Farrington emailed to say that he liked the story … but that they couldn’t use it, as they only needed one story on the competition’s theme … but he asked if I’d like to write a new story. Would I? You bet! So I got a brief asking me to write a 2,000-ish word story dealing with destiny or chance. The story had to be complete in its own right, but had to also give the impression of being part of something larger. The result was ‘Machine Time’. I’m very proud of it! It’s my little fan-boy moment.

Unfortunately it’s my only fan-boy moment, as shortly after, Big Finish ceased publication of its Short Trips anthologies. But I have my eagle-eyes trolling the Internet for any other Doctor Who opportunities that may come along in the future. You never know … I may one day get a second fan-boy moment!

Cover for Gamers' Quest

The cover for Gamers' Quest


George’s Bio

George Ivanoff is a Melbourne based author, stay-at-home-dad and nerdy Doctor Who fan. Two of his books (Life, Death and Detention and Real Si-Fi) have been on the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge booklist since its inception in 2005.

George’s latest book, a science fiction adventure for young teens called Gamers’ Quest, includes a small Doctor Who reference within its pages. George hopes to pepper more of his writings with Doctor Who references in the future.

Click here to check out George’s website.

And click here to check out the official Gamers’ Quest website.

Here’s Short Trips: Defining Patterns on amazon.

And here’s the online catalogue for Big Finish Productions’ current book list.